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Hi Neighbor, I want to welcome you to our store. Three Sisters is a unique gift store in northern California, located in downtown Ukiah. For many years Three Sisters has been known for sourcing local artisans and made in the USA products. Hand picking hundreds of items that sell in the store, from jewelry, essential oils, and soaps, to stones, minerals and crystals, handmade herbal wraps, sage bundles, tarot and oracle decks, we have it here.


  We also practice Fair trade policies using online resources to have a farther reach into the world while having a good feeling about where and how the products are made and how those artisans are being fairly compensated. Building relationships with all our vendors is vital whether it is global or down the street. 

It is important to know that all of you are our neighbor.

Near or far, we all do this together.


Three Sisters was created for the body, mind and soul. Thoughtful, often one of a kind gifts that lets the gift recipient know just how special they are.


 We will continue to have wonderful customer service , hand wrapping gifts, and one on one help, or even just a good conversation.


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