Lamie Wellness is a premium loose leaf tea company that focuses on naturally flavorful teas, simplicity and environmentally conscience decision making.  


 Lights Out Lavender. This is the perfect herbal tea to add to any bedtime routine, especially if you are feeling restless. Let soothing chamomile and calming lavender ease you into a state of pure bliss. Chamomile*, lemongrass*, English lavender*, cornflower


 Mellow Morning was specially designed for the morning after a night out, but the benefits that it provides should be enjoyed every morning! This naturally caffeinated herbal tea provides a much needed mental boost while soothing your stomach and head. Yerba Mate*, chamomile*, fennel*, peppermint*, ginger*, hibiscus*, lavender*


 Mood Boost herbal tea is here to challenge that. This herbal blend was thoughtfully created to get you out of a funk and put a smile on your face. Mental well-being is one of the most important factors in overall happiness, yet many people struggle to achieve it. Give Mood Boost a try and experience how well it works for you! Eleuthero root*, lemon balm*, St. John's wort*, turmeric*, lavender*, nettle*, safflower*



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