*Multicolor Raku Sea Turtle

*Comes in a gift box

*Information Card The word, "Aloha" means more than hello & goodbye.It extends warmth, caring, and understanding that we are all connected. Let the sea turtle remind you to keep the spirit of Aloha in your life.

*No two are alike


Raku Aloha Spirit Turtle

SKU: 707turt-2020
  • Ceramic art made by hand will have minor variations in size and shape. Due to the varying conditions of the raku process, each piece is unique. Imperfections are unavoidable such as scars, specks, or pin holes in the glaze. Ech pieces is fired in an outdoor kiln at 2000 degrees. It is then pulled from the red hot oven and plunged into a sand pit with wood shavings.